Automotive Tips for Better Gas Mileage

Fuel today is expensive, and people are always looking for ways to get more out of every gallon of fuel they purchase and put into their vehicles. To get more miles per gallon, all you have to do is care for your vehicle and adjust your driving habits. Read on to learn a few simple ways on how you can save money and obtain better gas mileage.

Automotive Maintenance 317-253-3331

Automotive Maintenance 317-253-3331

⛽ Regular Car Maintenance

Factory scheduled maintenance for vehicle of any kind is imperative to obtaining better gas mileage. Be sure to keep up on fluid changes, brake pads, tune-ups, engine cleaning, and other minor car maintenance requirements in order to get optimal performance from your vehicle.

⛽ Proper Tire Pressure

Having the proper tire pressure in your car allows for the vehicle to get better gas mileage. Low tire pressure can cause the car to work harder and use more gas. Check your tire pressure monthly before driving, and don’t let radial tires trick you! Radial tires can look inflated but actually be low on air.

⛽ Auto Air Conditioning Consumption

Using less air conditioning in your car can reduce the amount of energy your car uses by almost ten percent. Instead, roll your windows down and park in shady areas to maintain a comfortable temperature while driving. Keeping a cold beverage in your cup holder also helps.

⛽ Patient Driving

Avoid jack-rabbit driving and aggressive driving. Abrupt stops and starts cause your car to use more fuel. By simple driving the speed limit and driving less, you can save a substantial amount of fuel every month.

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European Auto Repair 317-253-3331

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