Can the Wrong Fuel Damage a Car?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put a different type of fuel into your vehicle than you normally do? Could you put diesel fuel in a Honda? Or unleaded fuel in a Lamborghini? There are certainly some good reasons why car manufacturers instruct a particular type of fuel for their vehicles; but how scientific are they? What if you accidently use the wrong fuel nozzle at the gas pump? Will your car be damaged beyond repair? As a vehicle owner, these are all very pertinent questions that warrant answers.

Continue reading to learn what might happen if you put the wrong type of fuel in your car, and what to do if it ever happens by accident.

Indianapolis Fuel System Repair 317-253-3331
Indianapolis Fuel System Repair 317-253-3331

Here is the thing about using the wrong type of fuel in a car: it can either have severe effects, like major engine damage or corroded fuel lines, or it can have no real effect at all. It depends on the type of fuel used, and the make and model vehicle it was put into.

⛽ Putting Gasoline in a Diesel Engine

If you were to put regular gasoline into a vehicle that runs on a diesel engine, you are in a bad position. First, do not start the car, otherwise, the damage will be catastrophic to the engine and fuel system. Second, to remedy the problem, you will have to have the entire fuel system cleaned.

This includes everything from the tank and lines, to the injectors, filter, and more. In addition to automotive damage, gasoline and diesel fuel have different boiling points; so from a mechanical standpoint, it would destroy an engine and related systems. The lesson here: never put gasoline in a diesel engine!

⛽ Putting Diesel in a Gasoline Engine

Let’s consider the opposite scenario of putting diesel fuel into a gasoline engine. If this were to happen, the effects would not be as devastating as the former scenario, however, it would still be a bad situation for both you and your car. Not only will it make the car smoke excessively, the car will not perform well.

Furthermore, it may clog the fuel filter, lines, and injectors. If you were to continue giving a gasoline engine diesel, the engine would eventually stop working altogether. If this situation does occur, do not start your car. Instead, disconnect the battery and then have your vehicle towed to a trusted Indianapolis auto repair shop.

European Fuel System Repair in Indianapolis

European Auto Repair 317-253-3331
European Auto Repair 317-253-3331

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