Do Manual Transmissions Get Better Gas Mileage Than Automatics?

Gas mileage is huge these days in the car buying market. Everyone wants to do good by the environment as well as their wallets. So when people are shopping around for a new vehicle, the common question concerning transmissions is guaranteed to arise. Should you buy a manual, stick shift car, or a more simple, modern-day automatic? The question has stimulated debates for decades, and is still, for the most part, quite undecided. This is because there is a thin line between which type is better for fuel economy.

Continue reading to learn some more facts about automotive fuel consumption, and how it varies between manual and automatic transmissions.

Indianapolis Transmission Repair 317-253-3331

Indianapolis Transmission Repair 317-253-3331

The answer to this popular inquiry largely depends on the year it was built, as well as, the type of driving a person will be doing in their new car. For example, in older automatic transmissions, a torque converter is used to couple the engine between gears, which burns more fuel thus hindering gas mileage. Manual transmissions do not use a torque converter because they have a clutch instead. So if a person is looking to buy a used, older vehicle, a manual might be more fuel efficient than an older vehicle with an automatic transmission.

On the other hand, newer make and model automatic transmissions are manufactured with an overdrive top gear that reduces RPM’s at high speeds, like on the interstate. They are also designed with 5, 6, or 7 speeds. All of these features allows for easier and smoother highway cruising and better gas mileage.

As for the type of driving a person does, manual and automatic transmission choices will differ. For example, if a person lives in a busy city area with several traffic lights and stop-and-go traffic, a manual transmission vehicle could save on fuel (up to 2 MPG) because automatics tend to use more energy under these circumstances. If a person does a lot of interstate traveling, and prefers a new model vehicle, an automatic is a better choice for improved gas mileage.

If you believe your vehicles fuel consumption is experiencing problems, take it to a licensed mechanic for professional fuel system service and repair. Trained Indianapolis car mechanics retain the proper tools and equipment to diagnose fuel system problems and much more.

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European Auto Repair 317-253-3331

European Auto Repair 317-253-3331

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