How Often Should I Bleed My Brakes?

Car Brake Repair 317-253-3331

Car Brake Repair 317-253-3331

Routine car maintenance is the most effective method for increased your vehicle’s safety, performance, and longevity. Most car owners are familiar with the standard factory recommended car maintenance schedules, including fluid changes, tire rotations, inspections, tune-ups, and more. But there is a vital part of routine car maintenance that is not as familiar to most people, so it is commonly overlooked. We are talking about having your car brakes bled. Bleeding your car brakes is very important, and should be done according to your vehicle’s maintenance needs.

Continue reading to learn more about bleeding car brakes, and when you should have yours done.

Bleeding Car Brakes

To get straight to the point, automotive service experts recommend having your car brakes bled every two to three years. You can choose to have a licensed mechanic perform the service along with your scheduled brake services, or you can try to do it yourself. But keep in mind, the latter is not recommended for those without experience. Not only can it be quite messy, it can be dangerous.

European Automotive Maintenance 317-253-3331

European Automotive Maintenance 317-253-3331

So why do you need to bleed car brakes on a routine basis like this? The answer is air. Overtime, small amounts of air begin to enter the brake lines. This changes the way your brakes perform. And if too much air gets inside the brake lines, it can lead to complete brake failure at any given time. You can tell your brake lines may have air in them if they feel spongy or squishy when you apply pressure to them.

The most common reasons why air gets inside brake lines are leaks or worn brake pads. In other cases, air can also enter brake lines during a certain types of car service, or even result from repeated slamming of the brakes. Regardless of how your brake lines acquired air, it is important to have them bled to remove the damaging air and bring your braking system back to a safe and efficient condition.

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Indianapolis European Automotive Repair 317-253-3331

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