Interesting Facts about Ethanol Car Engines

Ethanol is a high-powered alcohol fuel. It offers high quality and high octane qualities for hybrid cars and even standard car engines on the market today. Ethanol has been used in cars since Henry Ford’s Model T in 1908. Since the early eighties, millions of vehicles have run on ethanol-based fuels. They are used in foreign and domestic automotive racing industries as well. As of 2010, ethanol fuel has been an additive in gasoline all across America.

Continue reading to learn more about ethanol car engines and how they influence the automotive industry.

Car Engine Replacement 317-253-3331

Car Engine Replacement 317-253-3331

About Ethanol Engines

Ethanol powered car engines operate in a very similar way to standard gasoline engines. The only real difference is that ethanol engines can actually utilize the bio-fuel, while standard ones cannot. Other than that, fuel is injected into the engine the same way it would in a regular gas-powered car. Most hybrid cars can also use gasoline; which is why they are also referred to as “flex fuel” engines. Although they can operate using gasoline and ethanol mixed fuel, they perform best with simple ethanol fuel.

Here are some of the most notable facts you should know about ethanol car engines if you are interested in purchasing a hybrid vehicle, or contemplating a switch in fuel sources:

🌽 It can be used in snowmobiles, motorcycles, tractors, motorboats, and lawnmowers.

⛽ Ethanol emissions are less harmful to the environment than gasoline.

🌽 It has a 113 octane rating that supports high engine performance.

⛽ Ethanol blended fuels can be used in all standard car engines; not just hybrids.

🌽 Ethanol fuel mixtures keep fuel systems cleaner than gasoline.

⛽ It does not leave behind sticky residues and deposits.

🌽 It can prevent winter engine complications by acting as antifreeze.

⛽ Ethanol-blended fuels are approved under all warranties for vehicles marketed in the United States.

Do You Need a New Engine?

Replacing a car engine is not cheap; but it doesn’t have to be an upsetting cost either. One way to go is a rebuilt car engine. Rebuilt car engines are an old secret among mechanics and car enthusiasts. More and more people are starting to become aware of the benefits surrounding used and rebuilt car engines. Not only are they are less expensive than a brand new engine or vehicle, making them more affordable for a larger market, good rebuilt engines are just as reliable as a brand new one, and often times, still comes with a warranty.

If you are in need of engine replacement, look to your local Indianapolis automotive repair shop for details on where to start.

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European Auto Repair 317-253-3331

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