Test Your Automotive Knowledge with this Quiz!

How well do you know your vehicle? Many car owners are great drivers, but don’t necessarily know how their vehicle works and operates. This is perfectly acceptable, since you don’t need comprehensive mechanical automotive knowledge to operate a vehicle safely; however, it can certainly be enlightening learning new things about your car that you didn’t know before. And who knows? Perhaps you will surprise yourself with all the automotive knowledge you currently retain! Take the challenge and complete the automotive quiz below; and then assess your score at the bottom of the page to see how well you did!

Your Automotive Challenge Awaits…

Start by taking the quiz and recording each of your choices. Then compare your answers to the scoreboard at the bottom of the quiz. Good luck!

Question #1

Which Type of Fluid is Used to Lubricate a Car’s Engine?

a. Windshield Wiper Fluid
b. Coolant
c. Motor Oil
d. Anti-Freeze

Question #2

Which Car Part is Made from the Rare Metal, Platinum?

a. Pistons
b. Catalytic Converter
c. Crank Case
d. Muffler

Question #3

What Service Does Your Car Require for Optimal On-Going Performance?

a. Oil Change
b. Radiator Flush
c. Alignment
d. All of the Above

Question #4

For What Reason Could a Check Engine Light Be On?

a. Loose Gas Cap
b. Flat Tire
c. Broken Windshield Wiper
d. All of the Above

Question #5

What Do You Need to Flush a Radiator?

a. Funnel, Coolant Receptacle, and Cloth
b. Phillips Screw Driver
c. Radiator Flush and Anti-Freeze
d. All of the Above

Question #6

What Do You Need to Startup a Dead Car Battery?

a. Wrench
b. Jumper-Cables
c. Screw Driver
d. Battery Fluid

Question #7

If a Car Bounces While Driving, What Could Be the Problem Area?

a. Engine
b. Fuel Tank
c. Suspension
d. Power Steering

Question #8

Which Fluid Do You Require to Control Engine Temperatures?

a. Brake Fluid
b. Motor Oil
c. Water
d. Coolant

Question #9

Which Automotive Part Dims the Noise Produced by an Engine?

a. Muffler
b. Exhaust
c. Transmission
d. Ignition

Question #10

What Does an Odometer Measure?

a. Distance
b. Speed
c. Fuel Level
d. Engine Temperature

Check Your Score!

Answer Key: 1-c, 2-b, 3-d, 4-a, 5-d, 6-b, 7-c, 8-d, 9-a, 10-a

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