Tips for Cleaning a Car Engine

Car maintenance is crucial in order to maintain the performance value of your vehicle. Cleaning out your car’s engine regularly is one way to ensure a longer life for your ride. Continue reading to learn the basic DIY method to engine cleaning and where you can go for professional help, assistance, and advice, as well.

Automotive Maintenance 317-253-3331

Automotive Engine Maintenance 317-253-3331

Quick Guide to Car Engine Cleaning:

The first thing you want to do before you begin is find a safe spot to clean your car. This means finding an area where the soap, water, and dirt can run off your car without causing damage or danger. Always be sure it’s far away from storm drains as to not contaminate them. Have a spot prepared ahead of time where you can dump the sludge afterward without harming the environment or making a mess.

Next, you want to turn your car on and let it run for a few minutes, especially if it’s excessively dirty. Be sure to not let your engine get too hot, or you will not be able to touch it without getting burned. Once your engine is heat up, turn your car back off and remove the car keys from the ignition for extra safety.

The next step involves hands-on engine work. First, disconnect the negative cable on the battery. Then do the same for the positive cable. Be sure to always do the negative cable first, and then proceed to the positive one. Next, cover all electrical components with tarp or plastic bags, to avoid getting water in places that can damage your vehicle.

You are now ready to start wiping down the surface of the engine to remove all the loose debris and accumulation. It is suggested to use a stiff paint brush because the bristles are very effective at removing this type of dirt.

Use a grease cutting dish soap and water solution to use as your cleaning agent for the engine. Begin to apply the solution to the surfaces of the engine with the paint brush or sponge. In the tougher areas, you may have to use an actual engine de-greaser solvent if the soapy water is not effective enough. You can purchase these products at your local automotive accessory shop.

Now Just Rinse!

It is time to rinse the engine off at this point, so use light water pressure to accomplish this, such as a garden hose or spray gun. You have to allow the engine to dry completely, so let it sit for a few hours. Drying times vary, and could possibly take up to 24 hours to dry entirely. Turning a wet engine on is detrimental to your engine and car. Once it is dried, you can remove the plastic coverings and begin driving again!

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