What You Need to Know About Your Car’s Engine

Your car’s engine is the heart of the vehicle. It is similar to our own bodies in a way; requiring care, nutrients, and sustenance for survival. The more you know about your car engine, the better you can care for your car as a whole, and increase its longevity and performance, overall. There are some facts about engines that every vehicle owner should know. Continue reading to learn a few interesting and important truths about car engines and the care they require.

European Automotive Service 317-253-3331

European Automotive Service 317-253-3331

You Need to Clean Your Car Engine

Many car owners are completely unaware how important it is to routinely clean a car engine. Car engine cleaning is crucial to the well-being of a vehicle. A clean engine runs better, uses less fuel, and is less likely to have breakdowns and other complications. The process of cleaning an engine consists of changing the engine’s oil, brushing loose debris and dirt from the surface of the engine, and rinsing the engine clean with fresh water. This should be done every few months, depending on the amount of miles a person drives per day. A clean car engine is a healthy car engine!

You Can Buy Rebuilt Car Engines

In this economy, replacing a car engine is a tough financial struggle. Car engines are not cheap, and it is hard to find a good deal on a brand new replacement. Fortunately, there is another way. Rebuilt car engines are an old secret among mechanics and car enthusiasts. More and more people are starting to become aware of the benefits surrounding used and rebuilt car engines.

First, they are less expensive than a brand new engine or vehicle, making them more affordable for a larger market. Also, good rebuilt engines are just as reliable as a brand new one, and often times, still comes with a warranty. If you are in need of engine replacement, look to your local mechanics and automotive repair shops for details on where to start.

You Need Routine Vehicle Maintenance

If you want your car’s engine to stand the test of time and perform efficiently, it is necessary to have your car serviced regularly. Routine car maintenance, like fluid changes, filter replacements, battery care, engine inspections, tuneups, and more, are all important parts of maintaining a safe and operational vehicle for years to come. You can find the recommended routine maintenance schedule for your vehicle in the owners’ manual. IF you do not have one, you can find a replacement online, or contact a trusted automotive mechanic for advice.

European Auto Repair and Service

Spitzer Automotive Services 317-253-3331

Spitzer Automotive Services 317-253-3331

Call Spitzer Automotive at 317-253-3331 to request an estimate for European auto repair and service in Indianapolis, Indiana. We specialize in British cars, but service all make and model European vehicles too! On top of competitive prices, we also offer auto repair coupons and discounts. Call 317-253-3331 for British and European automotive service you can trust.

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